Cycle Advocacy Network

A community rally demonstrates the strength of support for your campaign. Photo by Truro Cycle Campaign
A community rally demonstrates the strength of support for your campaign. Photo by Truro Cycle Campaign

Cycle Advocacy Network

Supporting the people and groups who make cycling better for everyone

Welcome to the Cycle Advocacy Network 

Do you want to help get more people cycling? Do you want to share the joy of riding a bike? Do you want to see real change - with segregated cycle lanes, safer roads, and shops, offices and homes accessible by bike?

So do we!

Cycling UK has championed the benefits of cycling for over 140 years. We stand for the interests of anyone who cycles or might, regardless of background or ability. Campaigning is at our heart. Our campaigns team works to influence national and regional decisions affecting cycling, and we need an effective network of people campaigning and making their voice heard in their communities to influence local decisions.

The Cycle Advocacy Network (CAN) brings together people with a shared interest in creating the conditions that enable more people to cycle, including better infrastructure for cycling and safer roads. Together we CAN share information, support each other, and provide a louder and more effective voice for both those who cycle already and those who might, if it looked and felt safer to do so.

If you'd like more detail, please read the Introduction to the Cycle Advocacy Network - and join us on the journey to get more people cycling.

Volunteer roles

Anyone can be part of the Cycle Advocacy Network, the resources and tools on this page are available for anyone to use. Please use them, and if you are part of a local group please share them.

However, there are two roles you can volunteer for in order to maximise the impact you can have in your area, and make the most efficient use of your time. You can sign up to become a Local Rep or a Regional Coordinator. 

Make your life easier by becoming a Local Representative and join Cycling UK’s Volunteer Forum for campaigners. Ask questions, share advice, access the expertise of the hive mind. Whether you’re calling on your council for safer roads, working with local parents for routes to schools, building a local movement for active travel, opening up off-road access or responding to consultations - other people will be working on similar issues across the UK. Your time is precious, your insights are valuable. Maximise your impact.

Become a Local Rep

If you already have experience in local campaigning and want to help lubricating the chain links of the Cycle Advocacy Network, join us as a Regional Coordinator, providing light touch support and oversight to Local Representatives in your patch.

Become a Regional Coordinator


Cycling UK's Campaigning Handbook

This is our new, easily digestible introduction to effective local campaigning. Read it as you start out, and then treat it as a reference guide - dip in again as you feel the need.

Cycling UK’s views and briefings

We have produced a range of accessible briefings that outline Cycling UK's formal views on the issues that matter. They comprise quick key facts and more detailed arguments and background information.

Read the briefings

If there don’t seem to be many other cycling campaigners in your area it’s worth remembering that many other people and organisations have overlapping interests and goals, without thinking of themselves as cycling campaigners!

There will be people passionate about environmental issues, pedestrian access and safety, road safety, disability and inclusive access, air quality and parents concerned about safe to school – to name just a few.

The following list of organisations is far from definitive, and we may not be able to align ourselves with every single issue they campaign on, but they may also support local campaigning and activity in your area.

Organisation Website What do we have in common?
British Horse Society Bridleways, vulnerable road users
Campaign for Better Transport Sustainability, air quality, local transport
Friends of the Earth Access to green space, climate change
Ramblers Association Rights of way, countryside access
Living Streets Active travel, school journeys, pavement parking, urban space
CPRE Countryside access, sustainable transport, climate change
Sustrans Active travel, school journeys, leisure routes
Twenty’s Plenty Safer urban streets
Brake Road safety






Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19